When The Paycheck Ends, We Help Manage Retirement Income

Have Questions Like These? We Can Help.

  • How much do I need to save in my 401k before I retire?
  • When and how should I claim my Social Security Retirement Income Benefits?
  • How much income do I need now and in 20 years to sustain my current lifestyle?
  • Are my investments allocated properly to maintain purchasing power?
  • What is a reasonable amount to withdraw each year from my IRA?
  • How much money should I prepare to spend on my future health care costs?
  • Am I paying more income taxes than I should be?

Our process of education and discovery is called My Financial Bridge™. My Financial Bridge is designed in a well-organized, chronological manner that explores the events we face over a lifetime. Although most people we meet are more than half way across their Bridge, we find there is always value in evaluating what you’ve done in order to measure how well you’re prepared for what lies ahead.

By reviewing the various Guide Points™ along your Bridge, you can examine whether or not you’re moving forward and implementing the best financial choices for your personal situation.

Introduction to Gute Financial Services